Reverse Auction Terms and Conditions



How it works

This competition is also subject to Furness Newspapers standard Terms & Conditions. We recommend that you read these terms and conditions because your participation constitutes your acceptance of such terms and conditions.

The reverse auction runs from 09:00 on Monday 21st April and closes midnight on Sunday 27th April 2014.

To enter the competition, participants have to send a text to 88833 with the keyword EM AUCTION followed by a space followed by a bid in pence (texts cost £1.50 plus your standard network charge). E.g. to bid £1.25 send EM AUCTION 125 to 88833.

Decimals or negative numbers are not allowed - such bids will not be deemed a valid bid. Any bid containing any additional wording or numbers will not be deemed a valid bid. You will still be charged for this attempted bid.

You can bid for the competition at any time during the competition period. Any bids received into the auction mechanic before or after this period will not be included in the competition. We cannot guarantee against network delivery problems.

The winner will be the recipient whose text, at the close of the competition period received by the auction mechanic contains the lowest unique bid and such a bid, which has not been texted by any other participant prior to the close of the competition period.

The text message must be registered by us to be considered as a valid bid.

You may only bid if you are 16 years or over. Any winners or contestants, who cannot or do not, if requested, prove age, will be disqualified.


Texts cost £1.50 plus your standard network charge. The total cost of your text may vary depending on the particular network used by you. Charges for entering the competition will be deducted from the contestants available credit time if they are a pre-pay customer or will appear on the monthly statement if they are a pay monthly customer.

If the total cost of your text bids exceeds £30.00 (thirty pounds) including network rates, in any 24 hour period, during the competition period, further bids during this 24 hour period will not be valid and although you will no longer be charged a premium rate message during this period you will still pay your standard message rate for attempted bids. This is a regulation the mobile network operators enforce and we accept no responsibility or liability in this regard.

If you text in outside of the bidding period or competition period notwithstanding your bid will not be considered valid, and you may still be charged.

Prizes and General

The prize for the competition is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7" 8GB 

There is no cash alternative to this prize.

The winner of the competition will be contacted on Monday 28th April 2014.

Prizes are subject to availability and may change at our discretion.

In all matters our decision is final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into.

The winner will be contacted by the phone number the winning text was sent from.

You may only enter the competition as an individual: entries that, in our absolute discretion, have been made via participation in a syndicate will be disqualified.

As a condition of entry, the winner agrees to taking part in reasonable post-competition publicity and to the use of their name, photographs and entry details in such publicity.

Any entry made, in our absolute discretion, via any form of machine assisted intervention enabling multiple entries will be disqualified.

A refund will not be made if bids are disqualified.

Entrants may submit more than one bid, entrants that do submit more than one bid during any time period, please exercise caution and ensure you have sufficient credit in your pay as you go mobile account, and that you can afford to enter this competition. We recommend you do not exceed 25 entries in any 24 hour period.

No person or members of their immediate family who has won a CN Group competition is eligible to enter another 'major' CN Group for a period of six months.  We reserve the right to invalidate any prize found to be in breach of the above condition

The prize from this auction must be collected from Furness Newspapers Ltd, Abbey Road, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA14 5QS. Under no circumstances will the prize be posted, the prize is the responsibility of the winner once collected, Furness Newspapers Ltd accept no responsibility or liability for damages following collection.

The prize will be withdrawn without compensation should it not be collected within 14 days of the winner being notified by telephone.

The warranty of electrical goods is the responsibility of the winner and the manufacturer of the product won as a prize.

The winner will be required to pay the winning bid amount in order to claim the prize.

Throughout the auction, at the discretion of the publisher, during certain time periods bids made may only be charged at a standard message rate and the usual £1.50 entry will not be charged. These time slots will be published in the relevant publication(s). The time period applies to the time that the auction mechanic receives the bid and not when the user sends the bid in from their phone.

Employees (and employees family members) of CN Group are not eligible to enter.